Thursday, July 25, 2024

    Issue MUJIB

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    ISSUE 16

    Work SMARTer, not harder

    The covid-19 pandemic, wars, climate change and the rapid growth of AI have ushered in a new age of uncertainty. The ability of the international order and individual states to deal with these challenges is in sharp focus. Policy-makers are under pressure to come up with long-term solutions.Read more >>


    New standards in health research for Bangladesh

    June 17, 2024
    Every year, talented young scientists from Bangladesh embark on their academic journeys abroad to pursue PhDs at prestigious universities around the world. This highlights a critical lack of high-quality PhD programmes at home. The migration phenomenon poses a question: why can’t these bright minds find…

    Why cryosphere matters

    The cryosphere, the remote frozen realms of the planet, is found in the quietest corners of the globe. Why should we talk about it? Because it is facing unprecedented challenges. For warm humid Bangladesh, the cryosphere may seem too far away. The country may seem…

    Blended learning can transform Bangladeshi classrooms

    Since Bangladesh’s independence in 1971, the country’s education system has faced challenges and passed milestones. Its education policies have been focused primarily on access and enrolment, as a result of which it now almost has universal enrolment in primary schools. The next frontier for its…

    Bangladesh’s struggle with wildlife trade

    June 17, 2024
    Globally, illegal wildlife trade is the fourth largest smuggling crime, just behind drug, arms and human trafficking. The crime is similarly severe in Bangladesh. In Bangladesh, threatened wildlife is protected by the Wildlife (Conservation and Security) Act 2012. This law specifies which native species can…

    The debate on AI regulation in Bangladesh

    The widespread use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems has led to the prioritisation of its regulation by policymakers globally. Regulating AI is a complex task. AI systems can process vast amounts of data, unlike ever before. These system concerns can have adverse impacts at individual,…

    Securitised products in Bangladesh

    June 17, 2024
    Since Bangladesh’s independence in 1971, various sectors of the country’s economy have witnessed remarkable growth. The big highlight is its decade-long high GDP expansion starting from 2012. However, in any lasting growth story, the country’s financial sector is the backbone. Within the financial sector, a…

    Dhaka’s unyielding air pollution

    June 17, 2024
    As a large, populous, disaster-prone delta, Bangladesh is especially vulnerable to climate change. The intense frequency of natural disasters has led to an influx of climate refugees to the capital city, Dhaka. Estimates say Bangladesh is beset by over 10 million climate refugees, and some…

    Missing women from the emerging Asia

    June 17, 2024
    Sex preference at birth is ingrained in many Asian cultures. In South Asian countries, whether in the dominant Hindi society in India or the dominant Bengali society in Bangladesh, there is a parental preference for a boy-child. Boys have historically been seen as social security…

    Knowledge-based cooperation – A policy briefcase

    June 17, 2024
    Artificial intelligence and data integration   Artificial Intelligence Policy (draft) Bangladesh formulated its first AI regulation, the AI Policy, in 2024. This outlines a strategic framework to harness AI’s transformative potential in local context. It is still in the draft phase and has not been…