Friday, October 30, 2020

    Issue MUJIB

    Welcome to the whiteboard Magazine Issue 01 "Mujib" Welcome to the whiteboard Magazine Issue 01 "Mujib" Welcome to the whiteboard Magazine Issue 01 "Mujib" Welcome to the whiteboard Magazine Issue 01 "Mujib" Welcome to the whiteboard Magazine Issue 01 "Mujib" Welcome to the whiteboard Magazine Issue 01 "Mujib" Welcome to the whiteboard Magazine Issue 01 "Mujib" Welcome to the whiteboard Magazine Issue 01 "Mujib"

    Radwan Mujib Siddiq

    Radwan Mujib Siddiq is a trustee of the Centre for Research and Information. He is a strategy consultant and youth advocate. He is also the patron of ground-breaking political history projects such as the graphic novel Mujib and Hasina: A Daughter’s Tale, a docu-film. He advises various international organizations and government agencies on strategy and communications. He pursued his graduate studies from the London School of Economics and Political Science.

    Shirin Sharmin Chaudhury

    Shirin Sharmin Chaudhury is the Speaker of the Bangladesh Parliament. She is a politician and a constitutional lawyer. She was Bangladesh’s State Minister for Women and Children. She is the former Editor of Bangladesh Legal Decisions (BLD), Law Report Series published by Bangladesh Bar Council. She pursued her doctoral studies in law as a Commonwealth Scholar at the University of Essex.

    Abul Hassan Mahmood Ali

    A. H. Mahmood Ali is currently a Member of Parliament in Bangladesh and the Chairman of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on the Ministry of Finance. He is career diplomat. Previously he served as the Foreign Minister and the Minister of Disaster Management and Relief of Bangladesh. He pursued his graduate studies in economics from Dhaka University.

    Rehman Sobhan

    Rehman Sobhan is the Chairman of Centre for Policy Dialogue (CPD). He is an economist and an academician. He was a Visiting Fellow at University of Oxford, a Visiting Scholar at Columbia University and a Senior Research Fellow at the Ash Institute for Democratic Governance, Harvard University. He was a member of the first Planning Commission in Bangladesh. He pursued his graduate studies from Cambridge University.

    Rounaq Jahan

    Rounaq Jahan is Distinguished Fellow at the Centre for Policy Dialogue (CPD). She is a political scientist. She was a Senior Research Scholar at the School of International and Public Affairs, Columbia University. She was a Research Fellow at Harvard University, University of Chicago and Boston University. Her publications include: Bangladesh Politics (2005), Bangladesh Politics: Problems and Issues (1980) and Pakistan: Failure in National Integration (1972). She pursued her doctoral studies in political science from Harvard University.

    Shams Rahman

    Shams Rahman is a Professor at RMIT University, Australia. He held visiting fellowship at MIT Zaragoza Logistics Center, Virginia Tech and Cambridge University. He is a former British Commonwealth scholar. He is an Associate Editor of the International Journal of Information Systems and Supply Chain Management. He has consulted for several world class companies including Adidas, Fuji-Xerox, and Nestle. He pursued his doctoral studies from University of Exeter.

    Julian Francis

    Julian Francis is an independent development and disability consultant, and a humanitarian activist. He has worked in many poverty-alleviation projects in Bangladesh. He has worked with the extreme poor in Bangladesh and India, with nearly 30 years in Bangladesh. He coordinated Oxfam’s refugee relief operations in India in 1971 covering over 50 refugee camps and 600,000 Bangladeshi refugees. He was awarded Friends of Liberation War honor in 2012 and honored with full Bangladesh Citizenship in 2018. He was also honored in 2019 with the British award, OBE, ‘For services to development in Bangladesh.’ He is a qualified agriculture and animal husbandry expert.

    Tahseen Ali

    Tahseen Ali is a faculty member at East West University, Bangladesh. He an academic and a researcher. He was a faculty member at Houston Community College System. He also taught at University of Houston, Lone Star College System. He specializes in modern South Asia, the Indian subcontinent under the British Empire and Cold War diplomacy. He pursued his doctoral studies in history from the University of Houston.

    Syed Badrul Ahsan

    Syed Badrul Ahsan is the Editor-in-Charge at The Asian Age. He is a journalist. He has been a fellow at Jawaharlal Nehru University in New Delhi. He is the author of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s biography “From Rebel to Founding Father: Sheikh Mujibur Rahman” (2011). He has also authored “Glory and Despair: The Politics of Tajuddin Ahmad” (2018) and “History Makers in Our Times” (2018). He contributes to Dhaka Courier, First News, Dhaka Tribune, Bangla Tribune, Our Time, Indian Express, Asian Affairs, South Asia Monitor and Indian Express. He has reviewed books for Asian Affairs, the quarterly journal of the Royal Society for Asian Affairs in London.

    Syed Mafiz Kamal

    Syed Mafiz Kamal is the Senior Analyst at Centre for Research and Information. He is an economist and a policy researcher. He was previously at the Policy Research Institute and the United Nations Secretariat. He is the assistant editor of Policy Insights publication. He pursued his graduate studies at New York University.